Health insurance

For getting the medically necessary treatment in Hungary, you will need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The health care provider decides whether the needed treatment is medically necessary during your stay in Hungary. Please do inform yourself in your homecountry about possible extended medical insurances valid in Hungary for hospital treatment and dentist. […]


Hungary is a beautiful, exciting and versatile country in the heart of Europe. It has a wealth of culture and history, complemented by a unique language that is completely different from the neighboring countries with practically no shared words! It can be said that Hungary is a land of great contrasts.

Costs of living

Due to it’s geographical location, situating nearly to the Austrian border, you have to expect to a higher cost of living than in other Hungarian cities of similar size. The higher prices pertain first of all to the prices of the rented rooms (around 100.000 HUF for a private flat and 45.000 HUF for a shares flat). The dormitories for students in Sopron applies more fiendly prices (around 20.000 HUF/month/person). […]

About weather

What about the weather? What to expect?
The climate of Hungary can be described as typical continental with warm, dry summers and cold winters. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around zero, but for a few week it can be very cold, with temperatures far below zero (-10-15°C). […]

About University of Sopron

The University of Sopron, which is at the forefront of the Hungarian higher educational institutions, has the fifth largest number of students in the country. Its campuses in five historical West Hungarian cities offer up-to-date knowledge for almost twenty thousand students, who benefit from the high standard of education and advanced infrastructure. […]

About Sopron

Sopron is a picturesque little city in Western Hungary. It is situated 220 km from the Hungarian capital Budapest and about 60 km from the Austrian capital Vienna. Due to its border situation, Sopron has been a meeting point of different cultures, which is apparent in the architecture of the inner city, which combines western European and Hungarian elements. […]