Application for the residence permit

You will be required to submit your application for a residence permit to the Immigration Office within three months on arrival. The residence permit is usually granted for a period of one year, and it has to be renewed before it is due to expire (the application for the extension has to be submitted at least one month prior to the date of expiry of the residence permit). Students are required to declare on the application form that they do not suffer from AIDS, leprosy, lues (veneral disease), tuberculosis, or typhoid diseases, nor are they carriers of HIV, typhoid or paratyphoid. The following documents will be required for the residence permit:

  • Certificate of Enrollment from TAFA in Hungarian
  • your passport valid for a duration of at least six month longer than the period of stay you are applying for
  • lease contract for the apartment in Hungarian – two copies (it has to specify the landlord’ s and your personal data – date and place of birth, mother’ s maiden name, permanent address, landlord’ s ID number, your passport No. The contract has to be signed by two witnesses of Hungarian citizenship)*
  • title deed (property registry sheet) of the apartment (tulajdoni lap) to be provided by the owner or the agency (original document, not older than one month)
  • housing registration form (lakcimbejelento) signed by the owner of the apartment
  • one passport-size color photo
  • a stamp duty (okmánybélyeg) of HUF 18,000 (c. EUR 60) may be bought at post offices (the stamp duty for the renewal of the residence permit is HUF 10,000)
  • proof of financial means ensuring livelihood in Hungary (bank statement about the balance of your credit/debit card, cash, or a written declaration about the sources of the funds that you can count on to cover your living expenses . It is advisable to open a bank account in Hungary and verify a current balance of at least EUR 1,500-2,000. You should also attach receipts of the sums you have drawn from ATMs since your arrival. (When you apply for the renewal of your residence permit, you will have to attach a summarized history of the transactions on the account in the previous six months. The last six statements of your account mailed monthly by the bank or ATM receipts from the previous six months are also acceptable).
  • certification of valid medical insurance coverage in Hungary for the whole period to be covered by the residence permit

* If you stay with an acquaintance or a relative as a guest, a statement of admission (befogadói nyilatkozat) has to be attached from the owner of the apartment in Hungarian stating that you stay in the apartment as a non-paying guest. The statement has to be signed by two Hungarian witnesses, giving their ID Nos and addresses. If the apartment is your property, a title deed has to be attached to verify it. If you rent the apartment through an agency and you signed the contract with a representative of the agency, the agency should provide 1/ official authorization from the owner of the apartment for the lease of the apartment, 2/ title deed to verify the ownership of the apartment, 3/ a statement from the agency that the person who signed the contract on behalf of them has authorization to do so. Each document needs to be countersigned by two witnesses of Hungarian citizenship. Please note that if the housing contract has been signed for a specified period of time and not for an indefinite period, the residence permit will be granted for the period covered by the valid lease contract.

Immigration Office at Szegedi út
1135 Budapest, District 13, 35-37 Szegedi út (Twin Office Building, Ground floor)
Phone: +36-1-323-3189
Fax: +36-1-323-3168

Office Hours
Monday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Tuesday 1:00 to 6:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 to 12:00 am
Thursday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Friday 8:30 to 12:00 am

Foreigners seeking Hungarian Citizenship, European citizens with residency in the territory of Budapest and Pest County, Foreign students.

How to get there: by buses No. 85, 85 (red) and 68 from the underground terminus Kőbánya-Kispest or by bus No. 85 from Örs vezér tér.