Medical requirements and insurance

  • what kind of insurance do I need to cover my medical expenses?
  • Do I need a residence permit to luve in Hungary as a student?
  • How do I get a student visa if I am an EU citizen?
  • How can I apply for a student visa if I am not an EU citizen?

About pilot training

  • Do I need special requirements to start my PPL?
    Since the PPL training is held in English you need suitable English language skills.
  • Do I need any medical certificate to receive my PPL?
    Yes, you need an EASA approved, valid medical certificate. You may receive the certificate at any countrys official aeromedical center.
  • Is a psichological test recomenndation for the PPL?
    No, you dont need any psychological test to receive your PPL.

About general info

  • What kind of English language exams does the university require for the application?
  • When can I apply to the university
  • I have credits from another unicersity. How can I transfer them?


  • who can i contact to get detailed information about the courses and school in general?
  • Do I need residence permit while living in Hungary?
  • How do I apply formstudent visa?
  • Do i need a student visa if I am an EU citizen?

Financial matters

  • In what intervalls do I have to pay my tuition?

Student life and leisure