Welcome to TAFA

Welcome to TAFA, Hungarian Academy of Tourism and Aviation!
Hungarian Academy of Aviation and Tourism, located in Hungary provides students with unique Bachelor’s degree in tourism combined with aviation studies and pilot license.
Tendencies in the field of tourism are dramatically and rapidly changing. In order to develop and fulfill consumer’s new needs, travel experts have to adapt to these changes and use them to their advantage. The demand for up to date and special training within the field of tourism has never been so important. Our school teaches these new trends to its students while helps them benefit from the changing market.

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While students get aquatinted with tourism and the travel industry in depth, they uniquely receive a parallel training of aviation and commercial flying.
We are proud to have chosen the best professors and travel experts of Hungary as lecturers and professors in our school. The dual degree students receive, allows a global view on the complete field of tourism, while offering a professional and internationally accepted training and license in aviation, providing them with infinite possibilities for future jobs in practically all fields of the travel market. Having a double degree will guarantee our students several possibilities, and a competitive advantage, to other’s who only have one degree in tourism or a simple pilot license.

The academy
Throughout the seven semesters students will become travel experts having a global, useful and up-to-date knowledge of the world’s most current travel trends.

The pilot training
Starting from the first semester, students will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of flying and aviation. By the end of the second semester, students who have fulfilled all requirements and have passed all tests will receive a small jet license. From the second year they will acquire knowledge in instrumental (?) flying and commercial aviation.


* What are the entry requirements?

  • high school diploma

* Under which academic institute?

  • University of Sopron, Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics

* Does the university have EU educational accreditation?

  • full Hungarian accreditation accepted by the EU

* What subjects will be taught beside aviation / flying and to what level?

  • BA level, Tourism and hospitality (Tourism system, Tourism management, Tourism resources, International, Eco¬nomic relations, Tourism marketing, Guiding, Tourism law, Tourism SME-s, Travel organi¬zations, etc.)

* How many semesters will it take for a bachelor degree?

  • 7 semesters in BA full program.

* Providing an individual already has an academic degree, can he participate only in the aviation/flying program?

  • Yes, if the previous degree is covering the subjects being taught on the course

* Will you have fast tracks for bachelor and/or master degree?

  • should be handled out

Correspondence course
Correspondence courses will be available for students who do not wish to stay in Hungary for the whole seven semesters. Correspondence courses require three to four weeks of presence in Hungary per semester from students.