Nationals under visa obligation

For third-country nationals under visa obligation

Foreign nationals (under visa obligation) wishing to pursue studies in Hungary are required to apply for entry for a long stay (exceeding 90 days) for the purpose of studies in their home countries and enter the country on the entry permit issued by the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate (you can find the list of Hungarian embassies and consulates, click here).

Download “The application form for residence permit” here.

The entry permit is valid for a single entry and up to 30 days of stay in Hungary. Within thirty days on arrival, you will have to register your address and submit your application for the residence permit to the Immigration Office in Budapest.

The following documents are required for the application for the entry permit:

  • a wholly and legibly completed Application for residence permit for the purpose of studies (you can obtain an application form the Hungarian embassy in your country or download it from the Internet at – for instructions, see above)
  • a valid passport valid for at least eighteen months at the time of submitting the application. Applicants from West Africa must have the new biometric passport
  • two passport size photos (colored before white or light blue background, not older than six months)
  • Letter of Acceptance from TAFA
  • proof of payment of the tuition fee*
  • proof of financial means ensuring livelihood in Hungary (bank statement about the balance of your credit card, cash, or a declaration by the parents that they will provide the funds for all your expenses in Hungary throughout your studies)
  • an application fee of EUR 60
  • the Hungarian Embassy may ask for your flight reservation and air ticket
  • the address of your residence in Hungary (you should write the address of the Star Hotel in response to this question on the application form (1078 Budapest, István u. 14.) at which you can stay for the first couple of days, unless you have already made arrangements for a permanent place of residence in Budapest)
  • Schengen Travel Insurance cover for medical expenses for at least one month with a minimum premium of EUR 30,000. When you arrive in Hungary, you will be covered by the student health insurance plan offered by the college

* Citizens of countries in Asia and Africa and the Middle East are required to transfer the tuition fee for the first academic year in full (EUR 7,200) before applying for the entry permit.